Man critical after supermarket bashing at Hove train station

Man critical after supermarket bashing at Hove train station

Riot cops were called to Hove train station on Wednesday evening and arrested three men involved in a brawl.

The incident involving a man and woman on Hove Street, Hove City Centre, took place at around 7.30pm, local time, police s바카라사이트aid.

A woman was treated for serious injuries after the incident, while the man suffered a minor head injury.

One of the men, aged 34, was detained following an incident at the station, and the third man, aged 43, remained in police custody on Thursday morning, police said.

Police said in a statement: « A 30-year-old man from Hove was arrested at the scene on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after a fight broke out between two groups of men and a member of the public.

« The investigation is ongoing, but no other victims have been involved.

« As per standard procedure, one man has been arrested and three others have been released without charge. »

A spokesman for Hove City Centre Council said the incident had taken place « in the direction » of the Hove Stations in addition to its oth바카라사이트er public areas.

He said: « We are working closely with officers to prevent similar things going on again.

« The police will do what they can with the assistance of the Public Prosecutor and the police, council staff, and the residents of the city centre.

« This is not something that we condone. »

A statement for the Hove Public Theatre said: « The theatre is still open as usual. »

It added: « The incident took place at Hove Stations더킹카지노 and there were no injuries. »