Veteran sports broadcaster drew morphett dieser, heidiger der Fuhrer

Veteran sports broadcaster drew morphett dieser, heidiger der Fuhrer…

He has been replaced by former television sports commentator, Heidiger Diebensteiner…

The former sportscaster 더킹카지노went missing for 11 days, and then suddenly returned at dawn on Friday, on the heels of the most bizarre and bizarre police investigation in German football history.

The former « The Voice » anchor was last seen entering a small office just before 6 a.m., where the door to his office was open.

He was rushed to hospital for medical treatment, where the doctor said Diebensteiner was in good spirits, with no memory of what had happened.

« He did not seem ajarvees.comgitated or upset, » said doctors, adding that he may have had a minor seizure.

The doctor said there was no indication that he was planning to commit suicide. He was a trained neurosurgeon who also worked as a psychiatrist, the doctors said.

The medical records of Diebensteiner were released on Friday morning. Police have not issued any further comment yet.

Diebensteiner’s wife, Anne Hesse, said police questioned his wife, but told her to remain silent.

« It makes me sad, » she told Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. « My husband will be a strong voice of protest against what they want to do to all German football fans. »

Diebensteiner was an integral part of Germany’s team’s European Cup team earlier this year, and has been tipped to be a star of the 2018 World Cup, if he is confirmed by the FIFA executive committee.

Hesse is now hoping the investigation into Diebensteiner could help her husband find an alternative career in broadcasting or management.

Police are also investigating a similar disappearance last year of sports presenter Max Schuster, who went missing the same day his body was found. That case has since been closed.

But a number of other cases in German football are drawing more scrutiny.

« I’m sure it will be possible to identify the circumstances that prompted him to return to his home, » said police chief Uwe Herrmann earlier on Friday, adding that police suspect other people may have taken part.

He added, « There may be some elements that should be investigated, but there are no indications yet thajarvees.comt the person has committed suicide. »

A spokesman for Bayern Munich’s general manager Matthias Sammer said a statement on the club’s website would not comment on the speculation.