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How to Fix White Screen coque fine samsung a40 of Death on iPhone Devices

Does your iPhone meet white screen of death Are you looking for a solution to fix iPhone White Screen of Death Then you come to the right place. Let’s read the following.

When you thought you handled all things smoothly during a busy day when suddenly your iPhone drops. You checked to see if there are scratches or whatever but there was none so you continue to use coque samsung a20e en silicone it in making calls and messages like the normal.

However before the day ends, samsung a10 coque lapin when you checked on your phone to update your friends for tonight’s dinner and get together that was planned a week ago, your phone got stuck coque samsung a8 orchidee on coque samsung a6 the loading screen. Now there is no way to let them know coque rose samsung a5 about it. You patiently waited for few minutes but the screen just turned white.

Part 1. Why is My iPhone Stuck on A White ScreenPart 2. How to Fix coque samsung a20 White Screen of Death on iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4Part 3. How to Avoid Getting samsung galaxy a10 2018 coque Stuck in Loading coque iphone 8 Screen or White ScreenPart 4: Video Guide How to Fix iPhone Stuck on White ScreenPart 5. The Amazing FoneDog iOS System Recovery to Fix iPhone Issues

Part 1. Why is My iPhone Stuck on A White ScreeniPhone white screen or often called White Screen of Death (WSoD) is a coque samsung a40 originale common hardware or software problem of most iOS coque iphone 7 devices. This means that your iPhone got locked up because of coque iphone 11 many physical factors like severe dropping or there might samsung a50 coque portefeuille be some loose physical parts inside the iPhone that lead to the white screen or stuck on the loading screen.

At some point, it can be also caused by failed software or application updates. Chances are there coque samsung a70 rose gold will be cases that can be fixed by a simple hard reset like holding the buttons « Sleep/Wake » and « Home » altogether to reboot the iPhone, however, there are worse cases that need to do system recovery that may lead to data losses.

Here are the major reasons why the white screen of death happens:

Hardware problemsdropping, too much sun or light exposure and many other physical factors can cause iPhone white screen issues.

JailbreakingYes, this can severely affect your iPhone. Modifying the device’s firmware without proper knowledge can lead to irreparable damages.

iOS updatesFailure to update your iPhone to the latest build can also cause the white screen of death issue. Better to be safe and to update when coque samsung galaxy a5 2017 transparente avec motif the OTA (over the air) notice is received than feel sorry for yourself.

Option2. Restore via iTunes

Another way to fix iPhone white screen is restoring it via iTunes. However, this will clear the iPhone’s settings back to default set up. Here are the steps to do it:

Using the USB cable that came along with the iPhone, Open iTunes on your desktop and plug in the iPhone.

Gently press and hold the « Sleep/Wake » and « Home » buttons down for 10 seconds.

Release the « Sleep/Wake » button but keep holding the « Home » button if you coque samsung j3 marbre see a message « iTunes has discovered a device in recovery mode, you must restore this before it can be used with iTunes » pops up.

On the left side panel, click on the icon and click on Summary. Under Backups section, look for the « Restore Backup » and choose the file you want to restore and click Restore when a pop up dialog box shows the message of confirmation.

After the software download is complete, iTunes will then restore your iPhone.

Option3. Fixing White Screen of Death by Restoring iPhone DFU mode

DFU or Device Firmware Upgrade will allow the iPhone to be restored to its original set up. This is done by modifying the firmware of the device and in most cases; this is how they perform a jailbreak. To enter DFU mode on iPhone, follow the steps below:

Using the USB cable that came in the coque samsung a50 sakura box, connect your iPhone to the computer. The iPhone can be On or Off.

Press and hold the « Sleep/Wake » and ‘Home » buttons for about 10 seconds

Release the « Sleep/Wake » button but keep on holding the Home button for 15 seconds more

You will be notified by iTunes that the iPhone has been detected in Recovery mode.

Release the « Home » button when the screen is completely black and coque samsung a6 2018 nba restore the iPhone with iTunes.

However, if you encounter any error message that you failed to enter DFU mode, you need to repeat the coque en cuir samsung a5 2017 steps from the beginning.

Tips: How to Put Your iPhone into DFU Mode

Option4. Use iOS System Recovery to Fix White Screen of Death

For this option, you need to download and install third party software to help you with the iOS system recovery for iPhone white screen issue. FoneDog is the world’s leading iPhone recovery software that coque a20e samsung chien is easy to use coque a rabat samsung a8 2018 even for non technical persons.

All you need is to run the software and in no time, you can have your phone back and everything in it.